Support FAQs

Depending on whether your role is editor, optimizer or site manager--you may have some additional questions. Please check out our on-demand, task-based training videos or click on helpful links below:


Content Editor

Logging In to Your Site
All access to your website beyond a regular site user begins with logging in to the system. All procedures to work on your site beyond this assume you are logged in.

Adding YouTube Videos to Pages
YouTube videos have code that allow you to display them right on your web page, rather than having to link to them. Follow these steps to do this.


SEO Optimizer

Basic SEO: Title, Description and Keywords for a Page
Perhaps the number one thing you can do to increase the search engine visibility of your site is to ensure that every page has a unique title, and has the description and keywords meta fields populated (preferably with unique content as well).


Site Manager

Setting Up Users and Roles
Choosing and setting up user and roles within Pixelsilk aids workflow inside of your organization.


Network Admin

How can I use my existing domain name with Pixelsilk?
It’s important that any existing domain names be tied into your Pixelsilk site – even if you are re-branding or choosing a new primary domain.

Does Pixelsilk provide e-mail hosting?
Pixelsilk is able to provide your business with standard “POP3” or “IMAP” e-mail hosting.

Does Pixelsilk provide off-site e-mail forwarding?
Pixelsilk recognizes that some users have complex messaging needs.


Web Developer

How do I edit my theme HTML?
In the Site Admin, the ‘Themes’ tab located under ‘Design’ contains the site’s theme HTML (otherwise known as “skins” or templates).

How do I edit my theme CSS?
Usually, you will want to make changes to the presentation or formatting of your site (or individual elements therein) without altering the overall layout (HTML) of it.

What’s all this about controls and [ [tokens] ]?
Controls, in Pixelsilk, are essentially dynamic blocks of content that can be inserted anywhere in a theme page, skin, and/or content.



API Documentation
With the API a developer will be able to execute many of the same actions that are possible through the user interface in the administration area. You may also enable third-party applications to respond to events taking place in the Pixelsilk system.

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