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Exactly why you should make Pixelsilk your multisite CMS

As a web developer, you know what’s involved in creating one website from layout to function and according to a client’s specification. You take pride in its design and coding, and ensuring that it’s easy to navigate and appeals to its intended audience. And, you know the challenges involved with managing and maintaining more than one website—or managing tens or hundreds of sites.

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Pixelsilk multisite can remove your current headaches and put your skills to better use

From deadlines, unrealistic expectations from clients and end-users to performance and maintenance issues, you have enough to deal with.

Pixelsilk multisite can help you manage user accounts and site elements across an entire client channel, as well as enable content and resources of one site to be leveraged and updated to more sites at the same time. Look at our multisite CMS as your “ace in the hole” and much needed pressure reducer.

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Benefits Every Project...

Every new project in your queue will benefit from having our multisite CMS. You can use a single core template that has everything you need, or strategically build a series of foundation sites for different customers or site types. Our Copy Site functionality, for instance, lets you effortlessly copy a site and utilize its resources elsewhere—with only the click of a button.

Grow Your Business

No more limiting your growth potential because of not having enough man-hours in a day. With our multisite CMS, you can go ahead and commit to managing more websites for current clients while acquiring new ones too.


Let's say you have 12 sites that take 40 minutes apiece to update twice a month for a total of 48 hours. With our multisite CMS, the update can happen in half the time (20 minutes), plus all sites can be updated at the same time.


You can update 12, 42 or 2200 sites in 20 minutes vs. 2 days.

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