Why You Need Flexibility in Your CMS

E-commerce catalog pages can provide search spiders with rich SEO content. However, if one’s cart isn’t well integrated within their CMS, it can block spiders’ access. You can probably guess the result: only some of your site is SEO optimized. Not good for online storefronts looking for new customers.

Pixelsilk’s flexible architecture gives customers seamless integration with BV software. Pixelsilk web developers have ensured that the CMS communicates with e-commerce cart via the API, allowing page layout consistency for branding—and page SEO rendering for spiders.

Through its tight integration, CMS and product information are under one roof.  Bet you can guess the result: your catalog pages rank better and your prospective customers find you.  Not bad, I’d say.

I’m Susan Sano Berado. Thanks for listening.

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