Partner Portal Creates Sites like Magic

If you’re already a Pixelsilk partner, you know the value of the Partner Portal. It can speed up your development time ten or a hundredfold depending on how many sites you’re creating.  For those of you less familiar with the Partner Portal, think it’s time we shared the secret with you.

Webmasters Take Note

A Webmaster, like you, can leverage the work of one site in the Portal for the benefit of 1000 sites simply by clicking a box. Once clicked, themes will automatically transfer; CSS files will also seamlessly transfer; and files containing images, text, and media will transfer. In a matter of minutes, you will have created lots of new websites—and be ready for a coffee break.

Ongoing updates are also easy.  Let’s say you, and your team, want to release a new red banner on the homepage that promotes a short-term offer. All you, the Webmaster, need to do is make the “resource” (or red banner) available to site in the Portal. As soon as the homepage reloads,  the new red banner will be present on your multiple sites.  Not bad for a day’s work.

I’m Susan Sano Berado. More thoughts and tips forthcoming.

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