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Welcome to a new feature on the Pixelsilk blog!

My name is Jon and I am one of the “Websters” (web developers) developing sites with Pixelsilk and pushing the boundaries of what Pixelsilk is capable of doing. As you may (or may not) know, Pixelsilk has a fairly extensive front-end Javascript API (application programming interface) and combining that with the popular Javascript “JQuery” library (not to mention HTML, CSS, and judicious use of Flash) there are some amazing things that can be accomplished.

Hence this new “Cool Things to do with Pixelsilk” feature: a series of ongoing articles from me and my fellow Websters highlighting many of these examples and pointing you in new directions and towards new ideas. Feedback, questions, ideas are all encouraged, and you can either leave comments on these posts or email me directly at jon.abernathy -at-

Pixelsilk Sponsored Bend WebCAM – A Search/Social/Creative Success

webCAM-logo-for-PPIn the world of the web, it’s a necessity that traditional branding principles and new marketing technologies such as search engine optimization and social media go hand in hand.  The Bend WebCAM conference, sponsored by Pixelsilk, offered up an incredible dose of information on these topics – bringing marketing and brand to the forefront of online success.  The ad/marketing and design community of Bend (and beyond) was the host and participants of this first-of-its-kind event.

Global caliber speakers including:
Adam Audette (@audette)
Dave Snyder (@davesnyder)
David Mihm (@davidmihm)
Chris Winfield (@chriswinfield)
Rhea Drysdale (@rhea)
Laura Lippay (@lauralippay)
Derrick Wheeler (@derrickwheeler)
Marshall Simmonds (@mdsimmonds)
Scott Polk (@scottpolk)
Todd Friesen (@oilman)

Jim Riswold (Weiden + Kennedy 12)
Tim Girvin (@tgirvin)
Matt Peterson (@creaturesez)

What did you miss?  You missed:

  1. Jim Riswolds inspiring and controversial keynote on creating Hitler figurines. (Presentation Available)
  2. Rhea’s 101 guide to managing your brand in a world of social media. (Presentation Available)
  3. Each member of W+K 12’s journey and creative background to join W+K12 – and how they claimed they just never fit in.
  4. Dave Snyder and Scott Polk’s stellar presentation on the ever popular topic of L-I-N-K-S.
  5. Chris Winfield asking the Social Expert Panel about which social media profile is a necessity.
  6. Tim Girvin’s keynote about how everything we brand, every connection we make is basically about love.
  7. David Mihm’s expertise on getting found in local search, what every small business should be doing. (Presentation available)
  8. Adam Audette’s breakdown on social media leader and the best business social media case study –
  9. The ripping, shreading, fun and informative Hot Seat, where sites were critiqued in front of everyone (and they paid for that!)
  10. The Brew Ha Ha’s killer local beer sampler, hosted by The Blacksmith.  Smoozing with the speakers 🙂

Pixelsilk’s Mark Knowles (@markknowles and @Pixelsilkcms) helped secure the lineup of search and social speakers for this hopefully annual event.  Thank you to AdFed of Central Oregon, for producing the event as well as all of those that worked on and sponsored the Bend WebCAM.

Through one of the hotbeds of SEO – Bend, Oregon (see History of SEO), Pixelsilk was excited to announce the new SEO-Friendly CMS platform to our local community throughout this incredible event.