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Pixelsilk to Launch Revolutionary Content Management System at SMX West 2009

The official press release of our national launch of Pixelsilk.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – February 10, 2009 – Pixelsilk, an emerging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution provider, today announced the launch of the company’s groundbreaking Content Management System (CMS) during this year’s Search Marketing Expo West.

The introduction of Pixelsilk’s CMS comes after nearly two-and-a-half years of intensive research and innovation to redefine the way traditional CMS products operate in the world of SEO. The result is a CMS that is not only “SEO-friendly,” but truly meets the standard of “SEO Best Practices.”

Pixelsilk is a scalable, Web-based CMS that provides SEO, marketing and Web development teams with the features they need to maximize their online initiatives and gain a competitive edge in their organic search engine rankings. Cutting-edge tools that allow full control of the HTML code, the ability to interact with business and social media applications, open framework structure, real-time SEO feedback and true theme and navigation flexibility are among some of the features that set Pixelsilk apart from any other production-level CMS available today.

Pixelsilk is a web-based application. Users simply administer and access their Web sites from any internet connection and popular browser. The Pixelsilk CMS is a proprietary system designed for mid-sized businesses to succeed online. Pixelsilk’s client and server APIs allow for the development of custom business objectives that extends the already flexible features of the Pixelsilk system. From social applications like Facebook and Twitter to back-end CRM and sales systems, integrating third party software is made easy through Pixelsilk’s extensible framework.

Mark Knowles, President and CEO of Pixelsilk, addressed the importance of this application and customer-centric technology as a proven and value-added SEO/CMS solution, stating, “The need for these CMS barriers to be lifted is long overdue and bringing world class SEO advice to the forefront of site maintenance is the first of many exciting new capabilities for our clients.”

During the conference, a demonstration of Pixelsilk, presented by search engine marketing veteran Scott Orth (Vice President of Marketing Strategies, Pixelsilk), will be shown as part of the company’s formal entrance into the SEO/CMS market.

Bruce Clay, President of the renowned SEO firm, Bruce Clay, Inc., is a proponent of Pixelsilk’s groundbreaking approach to CMS products. “One of Pixelsilk’s strengths is that it gives you the opportunity to improve the quality of your content,” he said. “It helps you validate the content of each page and prepare it for SEO, and it does it for every page you create or revise. With high-quality SEO-ready content, Pixelsilk is going to make SEO just that much easier for you; it is terrific.”

Eric Ward, founder of the first web-promotion and link-building services NetPOST and URLwire, also found Pixelsilk’s technology to be a unique platform from which SEO firms, Web developers and marketing agencies alike can benefit. “It’s crucial that a site’s content, pages, and URLs be easy for others to link to. Pixelsilk creates a content architecture that never gets in the way of the natural link-building process,” he said.

The Search Marketing Expo West 2009 will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from February 10-12. To register for the conference, visitors may use coupon code smx10pixelsilk for a 10% discount. Or, visitors may register for the expo pass and visit the Pixelsilk booth for a demo.

About Pixelsilk
Pixelsilk is the first proven world-class SEO/CMS solution provider designed to meet SEO Best Practices requirements. Headquartered in Bend Oregon (sometimes referred to as the “hub” of the Search Engine Optimization industry), the company has been integral in the fields of content management and software development for nearly 15 years. Its memberships and professional affiliations include SEMPO, SEMpdx, SMX, SES and the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The creators of Pixelsilk are SEO ToolSet-certified, and the company is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.

SMX West ‘Meet and Greet’ Stage for Pixelsilk Launch

Join us at SMX West Pre-show marketing event, February 9th, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center for the Pixelsilk Launch.

Don’t miss the big party at SMX West! Pixelsilk will be sponsoring the ‘Meet and Greet’ Pre-show party at this year’s Search Engine Marketing Expo. Arrive early and join us at the Santa Clara Convention Center for an evening reception with fellow attendees, speakers and invited guests. This event is open to All Access and Networking Pass holders.

We’ll be making a big splash and welcome registered attendees to stop by and have a drink on us. Get to know why Pixelsilk is breaking the rules of what a traditional CMS can do in the world of SEO.

Here are the details:

When: Monday, February 9th, 2009

Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, Main Lobby Bar

Time: 6:00 to 7:30 pm

What to Bring: Your SMX Pass, Business Cards…and your drink tickets!

Discount Offer:

We welcome our clients and friends to join us for this special occasion. Use the coupon code: smx10pixelsilk when you register for SMX West 2009.