We all need an “Edge”…even our Websites

Not sure about you, but sometimes I look for an “edge” personally. It can come from purchasing a new pair of glasses that are more up-to-date, utilizing some newly acquired knowledge, or just feeling more positive about my contributions in life. Any one of these things can help me function in higher gear.

The same can be said for a website. A consistently high performing and highly available website is one that is functioning in high gear. And one way to get this degree of functioning is with Pixelsilk Edge.

Pixelsilk Edge gives customers an “edge” in performance, speed, and security. It’s an alternate hosting product offered by Pixelsilk and powered by Akamai, the industry network provider who delivers 10-20 percent of all Internet traffic, which is tens of billions of online interactions daily.

If your business is geographically dispersed across the nation or experiences a high volume of traffic, you’ll want to check out this 3-month trial offer: https://www.pixelsilk.com/edge/

Thanks for listening. I’m Susan Sano Berado.

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