June 5th, 2012

June 5th, 2012


  • PS-4974 - Partner Portal: Tab contents not displayed for Add New Site, Add New User, and Add New Default Account
  • PS-4971 - Pixelsilk allows you to save System File names with invalid characters
  • PS-4965 - Indexing service fails if there are non-HTML pages in the sitemap
  • PS-4955 - Contact form slider does not work in IE9
  • PS-4950 - When two users have the same username in different sites that share one database there are problems
  • PS-4940 - Unable to add new group
  • PS-4826 - Content changes not showing up on other servers after saving
  • PS-4825 - Editing links for the content editor and webboxes disappear for certain users on certain machines


  • PS-4970 - Upgrade content editor to the latest version available
  • PS-4969 - Enable caching of 404 page's html and returning it as prerendered

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