March 15th, 2011

March 15th, 2011

New Features / Improvements

  • CombineFiles plug-in now caches the combed files for better performance;
  • Improved overall data caching for better performance;
  • When editing a Default Account in sysadmin, the account will now be added to any child sites that may not have it;
  • The Template Manager feature of the Content Editor now saves templates in the file library;

Bug Fixes

  • The FileCombiner control no longer corrupts files when the "No Query String" and "Cache Response" options are enabled together;
  • The CombineFiles plug-in now pulls group files from the correct group;
  • Setting the "Always Minify" option for the CombineFiles plug-in now works;
  • Adding a default account in sysadmin should behave better and not go into an infinite loop;
  • Opening the system file editor in admin should no longer give the message "No row with the given identifier exists";
  • Certain circumstances would result in "Duplicate Control Content" errors have now been corrected;
  • Rapid changes to a section (page) in admin should no longer cause database errors;
  • System files in the partner portal should no longer show all files from all groups;

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