May 8th, 2012

May 8th, 2012

Bug Fixes

  • Pages with "Rewrite From" URL setting are "not found" as 404
  • If a page is cached by the browser when not logged in, an admin user can get a 304 not modified when reloading the page
  • Except for the top group, groups in the partner portal do not display their own controls
  • Redirect After Submit Field on list section pages strips http://
  • Links are written incorrectly when accessed via HTTPS
  • "Could not find default endpoint element that references contract 'IIndexRequestService' "
  • does not work on store pages
  • Renaming of a control allows spaces in the new name
  • Token Rendering Plugin overwrites URL if a previous item has been edited
  • Token Rendering Plugin does not display editor icon in release 17
  • Token Rendering Plugin editor does not delete properly

New Feature

  • Expires headers for files (images, system files, and other library files)


  • Libraries: Switch the positions of the Options tabs and the Images, Files, and Media Items tabs
  • Allow image library to be viewed in a list view like the other libraries
  • Allow renaming of albums
  • Token rendering plugin - Add more tokens
  • List Sections - take user back to paginated page when "Add Item" is complete.
  • Ability to add slashes to list item URLs
  • token no longer require a control reference

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