September 10th, 2013

September 10th, 2013


  • PS-5230 - Partner Portal: can not update a default account with reserved username
  • PS-5229 - PS allows to rename an username to "sysuser" and causes sysuser unable to login to sysadmin
  • PS-5218 - If SAL is disabled, the "Search Advice" link should not show up
  • PS-5208 - ForceHttp setting doesn't work on some pages
  • PS-5006 - The GetSection() API call does not populate the urlRelative property
  • PS-4925 - Already deleted ListItemField names causes error
  • PS-4907 - pixelsilk2.verifyUserUniqueness does not work
  • PS-4894 - Store Controls show up when Store API plugin is not enabled
  • PS-4768 - Special characters in Field values causes crash
  • PS-4718 - When you change Page Type field names the changes are not reflected in the corresponding ListItem fields
  • PS-4633 - You should not be able to delete the user account you are logged in with

New Feature

  • PS-5222 - Add an about dialog in Pixelsilk's admin
  • PS-5141 - Create a control to list products in a category usable on any page
  • PS-4880 - View All list items in a list section
  • PS-4553 - Need method for adding BV5 Store API product information into the

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