Additional Site Information Plugin

The Additional Site Information (ASI) plugin was created to give editors a way to have a standard set of information items across a large number of sites and to have the information stored individually for each site. The first application of this idea was for the case of a large, vertically integrated website and marketing company that wanted to have such items on each of their sites and to have the values be specific to the sites. Their information items include company name, phone number, address, and many more. Any kind of textual, site information can be handled this way.

There is an editor that is accessible on the Plugins tab in admin. In the editor, textboxes are provided for creating or editing content for the ASI controls. The controls themselves are created in the partner portal and are of type TextWebbox.

Webbox Controls in the Partner Portal

When a webbox control is created in the partner portal it should then be made available (on the "Available To" tab for the control) to the sites that should have it. In the site, the control appears in the list of controls on the Controls tab in admin. The webbox editor for this control cannot be opened in any of the pages and consequently the control cannot be edited in that way. This is correct behavior for webbox controls created in the partner portal. These controls may, however, be edited in admin, in the Additional Site Information editor found on the Plugins tab, provided their naming makes them ASI controls.

ASI Controls

The ASI editor recognizes ASI controls by their names. If the name Starts with "Asi" the control is an Asi control. Again, the control should be of type TextWebbox.

If site-level ASI controls are created, it is important for them to be editable by admin users or an error will occur in the editor.

Whether created in the partner portal or at the site-level, their content skins must contain the "[[Content]]" token.

Webbox Controls at the Site Level

As suggested it is possible to use site-level TextWebbox controls as ASI controls. Just make sure their names start with "Asi." These site-level controls will behave fundamentally differently, however. First of all, the ASI editor will need them to have edit permissions. This also means that when they are placed in a page the Edit Text button will appear for each one, and they will be editable in the page (unlike the partner portal ASI controls). This will be fine or not, depending on the needs of the page. It is important to understand the difference between a TextWebbox created in the site and a TextWebbox created in the partner portal. Site-level ASI controls are of course available only to the site they are created in. Most of the time there should be no need for TextWebbox ASI controls created in the site.

Getting the Plugin

Making the plugin available to a site is done in the partner portal. In the partner portal, on the System Files tab, make the file "additionalSiteInformation.js" available (on the file's "Available To" tab) to the site you are working in.

If for some reason, your partner portal does not have the file "additionalSiteInformation.js", Pixelsilk support will be happy to provide it.

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