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Come Swivel With Us!


It’s that time again. Time for the Bend WebCAM Conference in Bend, Oregon. This year we’ve put a spin on the conference… and on the name.

Swivel, formerly known as Bend WebCAM, is taking place in Bend, Oregon from October 12-13th, 2015.

If you’ve attended in past, you’re aware of the benefits that this conference offers. If you haven’t, it’s time you heard:

Swivel is a marketing conference that fuses technology and creativity together to produce some of the most cutting-edge marketing strategies in the field. Anyone in marketing knows that the field is always evolving- strategy that works one day will fail to work another. Swivel offers you a chance to get caught up on the latest trends in marketing by learning from some of the best in the business.

This 2-day conference holds value for all those involved in the marketing field: designers, optimizers, developers, writers and strategists. You’ll get to hear from experts in the field talk about marketing, advertising, graphic design, copywriting, content strategy and brand development.

The focus of Swivel 2015 is communication. Communication in social media, communication in search engine optimization (SEO), communication in search engine marketing (SEM), and communication in mobile marketing. Communication is pivotal to every marketing campaign. After all, isn’t that what marketing is… communication?

Swivel is more than just a conference. It’s an opportunity to join in a marketing movement. A movement to create stronger, more creative, and more effective marketing decisions. It’s a chance to hear from experts in the field, network with colleagues, and connect with new clients.

Join us at Swivel 2015 this October in Bend, Oregon for a marketing experience to remember.

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Link Building 101:

What is it? Why does it matter?

If you missed the webinar on May 9, be sure to bookmark this link! Jon Ball of Page One Power introduces link building in 38 minutes from the Bend WebCAM Webinar series. Watch the webinar now, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

At the end of this webinar, you’ll…

  • Be able to explain why inbound links are vital to SEO
  • Understand the important factors of an inbound link and what to look for
  • Know the basic principles of conducting an effective link building campaign
  • Be able to intelligently discuss link building

Pinterest Image Optimization from Avalaunch

We recently ran into this Pinterest infographic, created by our friends over at Avalaunch Media. Lot’s of great information – spend some time checking it out.

Pinterest Image Optimization

Welcome To Pixelsilk; Meet The Roles

What makes Pixelsilk a perfect fit for your business organization?  Because we understand the multiple roles that need to be involved in the website, from the editor to the IT team.  In order to start a conversation around the way roles inside of Pixelsilk work together, we’ve created characters to help the process along.

Let us introduce you properly:


Ed, The Editor

Meet Ed, “The Editor”
Ed, “The Editor” handles adding, editing and deleting pages, content and page properties.  Ed typically does not know HTML and primarily works inside of the WYSIWYG interface.  He understands basic Word Processing (MS Word).

With proper training, Ed is savvy enough to understand how to add links, documents, media and content to grow content on the site and add frequently updated information.

sadieMeet Sadie, “The Site Manager”
Sadie “The Site Manager” assigns permissions/security roles and users.  Sadie would guide access to various areas of the site and assign editing tasks to those working within the system.

Sadie can easily add roles and create/define users assigned to those roles. She also is known for review and monitoring of web analytics.

websterMeet Webster, “The Web Developer”
Webster “The Web Developer” has a solid knowledge base using HTML, JavaScript and CSS and is typically responsible for theme/skin development.  Webster’s domain and access is under the ‘Design’ area where full theme editing takes place. Webster utilizes controls and subsequent [[tokens]] to setup the theme templates, forms, navigation and easy third-party plug-ins.

Meet Oscar, “The Optimizer”
oscarOscar “The Optimizer” is the SEO guru.  He enjoys the ability of full HTML/URL control implement his SEO strategy.  Oscar typically sets up proper URL structures, meta data, robots.txt and other SEO items.  He works with Webster to deliver optimized, clean (non-bloated) code.

Oscar may also use the ‘Search Advice’ interface to put his advice into the system and make it available for Ed while editing.


Meet Devon, “The Developer”
Devon “The Developer” has a wide-spread knowledge base of server-side languages, such as: PHP, .NET, Cold Fusion, etc.  Although not needed to theme and deploy a site, Devon is useful when third-party integration is needed.  He enjoys access to both the server and client APIs to accomplish more complex integration between Pixelsilk and a third-party application.


Meet Netti, “The Network Admin”
Netti “The Network Admin” is the keeper of Domain, DNS and E-mail management for individual sites.  The Pixelsilk ‘Control Panel’ is where Netti accomplishes Domain registration, renewal and domain properties as well as DNS name server information.  Netti also manages   e-mail accounts associated with the client and is the technical contact, coordinating hosting related issues.

These roles help everything from the sales process, training and overall communication.  Although other roles exist outside that mingle with those mentioned above, Ed, Sadie, Webster, Oscar, Devon and Netti are directly involved in working within Pixelsilk.

Which role are you?