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Search Advice is a revolutionary tool that gives you search engine advice as you put content into your website. Instead of waiting to add SEO keywords until after content is created, you receive your search engine advice in real time.

CMS and SEO should work together to get your site found, and that’s what Pixelsilk does with Search Advice. Figure out the keywords you need, how much content is required, and how to fill up your META tags—every time you log into your Pixelsilk website.

Check out our Search Advice video to learn more about how this tool makes Pixelsilk an even more SEO-friendly CMS.

Watch our Search Advice Tour

Every Pixelsilk site has the potential of adding on Search Advice—if you’re interested in adding it to your website, or creating a new website with Pixelsilk and its Search Advice tool, we’d love to talk to you. Give us a call at 541.317.3583 or send us an email.

SEO Friendly CMS Questions Interviewed with Pixelsilk,Mark Knowles and Bruce Clay on

SEO Friendly CMS Questions Interviewed

Yesterday, SEO Friendly CMS Questions were answered by the CEO of Pixelsilk, Mark Knowles, plus Search Engine Marketing veteran Bruce Clay – offering his expertise on the operation of a CMS like the one from Pixelsilk.

Below is a question/answer summary of the of questions received during the interview.  To hear first hand, download or listen to the full interview on

(Daron) Q: Where did Pixelsilk begin and how does it scale to meet the needs of SEO?
(Mark) A: Pixelsilk was built from 13 years of CMS experience in the world of SEO.  It started about 3 ½ years ago with the idea of bringing SEO advice right to the page – Bruce Clay’s advice from his SEOToolSet.  In order to succeed online, Pixelsilk was developed from scratch – offering full HTML control for SEO.  From a clean database structure – beginning with the http calls, Pixelsilk was architected and designed for optimal control for SEO.

Q: Talk to me about source code control?
(Mark) A: There’s no legacy, no prior system.  Anywhere from up to 12 people daily have been involved in development and code was checked in daily. You break the build, you fix it.

Q: What are some of the most common hurdles moving to Pixelsilk?
(Mark) A: Moving a site can be quick. Best practice would have you fix some of your crawling issues as you migrate.

Q: How do you teach people the need to recognize the use of a system like Pixelsilk?
(Bruce) A: It’s easier to build SEO in as the content is created rather than bolting on SEO after the fact.  So for larger companies, this is typically a difficult challenge.  With Pixelsilk, you can SEO content as you build.

Q: Is there support for porting over a large site to Pixelsilk?
(Mark) A:  With a one-day orientation, and a knowledge of HTML and CSS you are on your way. Our partner channel can also aid in the service delivery of moving sites if you need some help.

Q: How much does Pixelsilk cost?
(Mark) A: Shared hosting per site license starts at $149/per month; enterprise level license is available.  The database can be scaled to a virtual environment and databases are transportable upon the need for growth.

Q: Is there a developer license?
(Mark) A: A full API is available; however, we’re working on a place for developers to play.  For more details, signup for the Pixelsilk community online.

Q: How does SEO Advice work?
(Bruce) A: Through our new SEOToolSet (which is still in progress) and calls to our API, Pixelsilk brings information through to Pixelsilk based off of a footprint of the top ranking sites in the engines.  There’s a big difference between data and wisdom of course, but this is the first step to get closer to target.

Q: What about off-page SEO?
A: We will have some exciting announcements for off-page SEO factors available at SMX West 2010.  Stay tuned…

Q: What about analytics?
(Mark) A: Pixelsilk utilizes a token system, so that integration with your analytics package of choice is very easy.

Q: What about design control?
(Mark) A: There’s full HTML and URL control.  So, anything a browser can render is available for you to layout. You simply use HTML, CSS or JavaScript to get what you need done.  There’s FULL design control without the need to know any server-side languages such as PHP, .NET or ColdFusion.

Q: What about HTML5?
(Mark) A: After verification – Pixelsilk fully supports HTML5.

Q: Can you deploy a social strategy in Pixelsilk – can you “Tweet” in Pixelsilk
(Mark) A: That’s correct, Pixelsilk allows such control so that ‘tweeting’ or even ‘reverse tweeting’ is easy.  Pixelsilk was designed to integrate seamlessly with popular 3rd party social applications like Facebook and Twitter.