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Portland Search Marketing at SearchFest 2012

A few months ago, we got the change to appear at the premier search marketing and social media conference in Portland: SearchFest 2012. The agenda this year included topics like pay per click advertising, social media strategy, optimizing conversions and dealing with off and on-site SEO. This search marketing conference was aimed at professionals in any industry—to help people better understand how to market their businesses online.

No matter how advanced your business is in the search marketing spectrum, there is always something new to be learned—that’s why we sponsor and attend SearchFest. Because listening and networking with other people trying to accomplish the same goal is always worth it.

SearchFest 2012 in Portland

SearchFest 2012 started the morning of February 24, and the last session wrapped up around 5PM that night. This year, keynote speakers included Eli Goodman of comScore and Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive, along with many of Oregon’s search marketing professionals as session speakers and moderators.

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Search Advice | A CMS with SEO

Search Advice is a revolutionary tool that gives you search engine advice as you put content into your website. Instead of waiting to add SEO keywords until after content is created, you receive your search engine advice in real time.

CMS and SEO should work together to get your site found, and that’s what Pixelsilk does with Search Advice. Figure out the keywords you need, how much content is required, and how to fill up your META tags—every time you log into your Pixelsilk website.

Check out our Search Advice video to learn more about how this tool makes Pixelsilk an even more SEO-friendly CMS.

Watch our Search Advice Tour

Every Pixelsilk site has the potential of adding on Search Advice—if you’re interested in adding it to your website, or creating a new website with Pixelsilk and its Search Advice tool, we’d love to talk to you. Give us a call at 541.317.3583 or send us an email.

Pixelsilk W3C Validation surpasses WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Ektron

Validation and SEO crawlability go hand in hand.  If you’re a web developer or SEO, you know full well the importance of validated code.  Traditionally in the world of CMS, W3C validation has been difficult to achieve due to the inflexible nature of the CMS when rendering a page.  We know W3C validation isn’t everything – but it can help.

Pixelsilk is making waves in the SEO and development communities because of its flexibility.  With Full HTML control, you now have the ability to create fully validated web sites and create a DOCTYPE of XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Recently, a CMS validation showdown was run (credit due to SEO Consultants) and Pixelsilk passed with flying colors compared to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ektron, Plone and others.

Pixelsilk CMS Validation Showdown

Pixelsilk CMS Validation Showdown

SEO and E-Commerce: The Pixelsilk Difference

As content management systems and search engine optimization (SEO) have had their challenges, e-commerce and SEO have a significant divide.  Typically, e-commerce carts say they are SEO friendly with a check of a checkbox.  E-commerce solutions have a large amount of functionality and oftentimes the amount of code needed to complete that functionality may get in the way of a search strategy.  Enter, Pixelsilk – a content management system that connects to an e-commerce cart and handles what a search engine spider needs, namely product and category information.

You continue to manage your products via your store and Pixelsilk automatically updates your product and category pages when new ones are added, moved or deleted.  Pixelsilk offers the advantage of full HTML control for those pages, allowing full implementation of your search strategy.  Full URL (web address) control allows you to tie your CMS and product information under one main domain to leverage the power of links directed to your products.

Pixelsilk communicates with your e-commerce cart via the API, bringing products and categories into Pixelsilk, allowing full control over layout and SEO rendering.  In competitive online marketplaces, many factors needed to rank successfully are hindered by the HTML to content ratio needed for a spider to understand your products.  Many carts, by default, do not offer the opportunity to simplify the code behind product pages.

Pixelsilk For E-commerce SEO Best Practices Include:
• Product Specific Page Title (Browser Window)
• Meta Description
• Meta Keywords
• Keyword-rich URLs (Web Address)
• Product Heading Tag <H1>
• Streamlined Internal/External Linking
• Alt Attributes for Images, Links
• Content Editor is XHTML compliant
• Automatic HTML/XML Sitemaps
• Site and Store on Same Domain
• Full HTML Control
• Store and Site Ongoing Connectivity

One example is an e-commerce site that had 100 product pages indexed as a baseline and after site completion in Pixelsilk, went from 100 to over 10,000 (all of their products) being indexed in Google.

If you have questions about how to get your e-commerce site additional visibility and search ranking, contact us to show you a demo of how Pixelsilk helps e-commerce.