April 9th, 2013

April 9th, 2013


  • PS-5146 - Sending email throws an exception when addressReplyTo is not in the form of an email address
  • PS-5144 - RssFeed control fails when it opens uri with .xml extension
  • PS-5139 - Creating a copy of a theme that is owned by parent, copy is still owned by parent group.
  • PS-5131 - Edit Item Skin: datetime and recurring datetime calendars do not popup
  • PS-5130 - List Feed: Sorting on NumberOfViews does not work
  • PS-5104 - Chrome 24: When entering certain albums in the Files Library admin freezes

New Feature

  • PS-5142 - Add an optional parameter to addSection API for setting the "windowTitle" when a section is created.
  • PS-4852 - Ability to return random sorting on getListItems API call


  • PS-5145 - Admin UI CSS: Update "font-family" from Tahoma to Trebuchet MS
  • PS-5136 - Render valid code for Multiline Text Boxes
  • PS-5111 - Partner Portal: do not allow creating a default account with reserved username.
  • PS-2472 - The person submitting a contact form should appear in the e-mail's "Reply-To:" SMTP header.

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