August 24th, 2010

August 24th, 2010 The following issues were addressed:
  • Checkbox and Radio field types render additional HTML in Edit Skin
  • Further fixes to TokenSense. Fixed not appearing on chrome/firefox, enabled Ctrl S saving of skins, fixed clicking away from tokensense not hiding it, hopefully made showing it much more reliable (no longer rely on iframe ready event).
    • Further TokenSense fixes. Moved TokenSense out of the iframe and in to the main pixelsilk window.
    • Fixed scrolling of suggestions box.
    • Fixed adding all tokens occasionally in IE.
    • Fixed brackets on separate lines in IE when adding on last line
    • Fixed loading of TokenSense in IE
    • Fixed positioning of TokenSense with scrolled CodeMirror
  • Changed 'Edit HTML' to 'Edit (WebboxName)'
  • Major TokenSense improvements. Performance, bugs, etc.
    • Partner Portal Controls made "Available To" a site don't show up in TS
    • Make the token suggestions context sensitive
    • Token Sense acting buggy on IE7
    • Add missing tokens to token sense
    • Cursor interferes w/ selection in Token Sense
  • Included first version of pixelsilk.dialog(). Deleting pages, page types, controls all use pixelsilk.dialog instead of confirm().
  • Added pixelsilk plugin template
  • Changed the HTML rendering for Page Types: Checkbox and Radio field types render additional HTML in Edit Skin
  • Updating logic in StoreAPI/Controls/StoreBreadCrumbs.cs that appeared to have been suppressing root-level categories from displaying in breadcrumbs when multiple product breadcrumbs were being retrieved
  • Sometimes adding a new item would show blank detail page

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