December 14th, 2010

December 14th, 2010

A Complete list of issues that were addressed:

General Issues

  • Pages were responding with a 404 not found error for users that did not have permission to view the page rather than redirecting to the login page;
  • The Search Advice panel would slide off the viewable page if the content editor is too wide;
  • Date picker controls would not display when adding new list items under certain circumstances;

Administration Issues

  • Drop-down lists displayed the wrong cursor when hovering the mouse over it;
  • Drop-down lists did not allow keyboard navigation;
  • All bars that allow to "Add" a new item (e.g. pages, controls, themes, etc..) should display the "hand" mouse cursor when hovering over them;
  • TokenSense freezes when typing in the name of the last item in the list;
  • TokenSense was not allowing tokens to be inserted directly before an existing token;
  • TokenSense was no longer allowing tokens to be selected with the mouse;
  • The TokenSense list was not scrolling when the editor was scrolled;
  • Creating a new DateTime field for a page type was rendering as a drop-down list rather than a date picker unless the field type was manually saved a second time, even though the type read "Date Picker";

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