December 15th, 2009

December 15th, 2009

New Feature:

  • Site copy button
  • Site Code feature
  • “Token Rendering” plugin
  • Support for HTTP HEAD requests (on sections only)


  • New supported extensions in the file library: .eof .woff .ttf and .svg
  • Displaying an animated graphic while a new site is created
  • Database performance improvements
  • Better error messages and logging of errors
  • Better error handling when creating and copying databases


  • [I3-3183] Delete a default account throws an error
  • Bug where the site’s connection string could be erased
  • Authentication exceptions when changing a site’s domains and logging out
  • Deleting files from Partner Portal media albums
  • Uploading replacement media files in the Partner Portal
  • Adding new media items to the Partner Portal
  • Uploaded images could not be seen in the Partner Portal
  • Images in the Partner Portal would say 0px X 0px
  • The “New sites or groups” checkbox in the Partner Portal for some objects
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