January 29th, 2013

January 29th, 2013


  • PS-5085 - Updating the primary domain name does not always work
  • PS-5084 - Browser search (ctr F) doesn't work in admin content editor.
  • PS-5076 - System Files by the same name in a group don't behave correctly at the site level
  • PS-5074 - Pixelsilk Search: Products from BV Store are displayed even if they are not active
  • PS-4892 - URLs don't save if only the casing changed.
  • PS-4789 - List section previously rewritten renders rewritten URL for list items.
  • PS-4736 - When "save" occurs in the partner portal update the etags on affected sites
  • PS-4709 - Error - portal controls with the same name as a parent group's control
  • PS-4565 - List feed Controls not sorting properly
  • PS-4536 - Users: "Enabled" setting for a user isn't working, users can always log in
  • PS-3907 - System Files: multiple copies have the same name

New Feature

  • PS-5059 - Add list section redirect that looks for ending slash or no ending slash, If neither found go to 404 page


  • PS-5073 - Tabs are replaced by two spaces in code editor
  • PS-4566 - Ability to getListItems via the List Item ID
  • PS-3573 - Can't make radio buttons required nor select a default

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