July 14th, 2015

July 14th, 2015

To be rolled out beginning 14 July 2015 and to be in all clusters by 21 July 2015
(Note: this was the version that was to be deployed June 23rd but had to be rolled back due to discovery of a minor bug)


  • PS-5372 Added the ability to use placeholder text on input tokens. Example: July 14th, 2015


  • PS-4546 User registration now displays the correct message when an invalid formatted email address is used.
  • PS-5212 Adding list items on sections with a very large number of existing items was taking longer than 1 minute to complete. The time has been greatly reduced.

    PS-5354 Spaces are now trimmed from user names and space-only input is no longer valid.
  • PS-5355 Pagination fields Items per Page and Links per Page no longer accept spaces and validate input as a number correctly.
  • PS-5356 RssFeed control date field no longer accepts spaces.
  • PS-5358 Admin config values no longer accept spaces only as input.


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