June 18th, 2013

June 18th, 2013


  • PS-5174 - Deleting list items does not work for non-admin user with DeleteListItem permission
  • PS-5169 - Use the bartabs.js checkbox function in selectionListUI.js
  • PS-5168 - Make the dialog created by selectionListUI.js modal
  • PS-5166 - API call getLayoutSkins() returns error if Theme object being referenced is a Portal-level theme
  • PS-5164 - Section determination appears to ignore file extensions when using "Redirect this page to:" functionality.
  • PS-5161 - Section moves that are cancelled should show back up in the original position
  • PS-5154 - Child unexpanded pages expanded when parent is expanded
  • PS-5143 - Posting an edit form to a list section with a different list item ID (even if it's from a different Page Type) overwrites that other ID's data
  • PS-5095 - Creating a new default account should require a password

New Feature

  • PS-5129 - Dynamic URL Creation for 301 redirecting when a page is moved


  • PS-5081 - Adjust timeout for rss feed controls

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