June 4th, 2013

June 4th, 2013


  • PS-5165 - API2: getListItems() doesn't sort correctly on NumberOfViews
  • PS-5160 - System Images: image doesn't display in available to subgroups if there is an image file with same name in that subgroup.
  • PS-5159 - System Image: incorrect availableTo info, missing group name, delete enabled for parent group images.
  • PS-5158 - Partner portal: edit a resource without clicking the available to tab will cause available to info missing after saving the change.
  • PS-5157 - Partner portal: create copy of system image/media file doesn't check the existing file name in the same album and causes error when editing or deleting.
  • PS-5113 - List Sections: If you have a DateTime field but do not include DateTime field values in form or POST when editing, DateTime field value gets set to NOW() overwriting previous value

New Feature

  • PS-5112 - "join" list sections when querying through the API


  • PS-5163 - Partner Portal: delete a resource the copy reminder popup window doesn't check all available to subgroups
  • PS-5138 - uncheck "All" under "Available To" doesn't allow user to create a copy the resource.

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