March 26th, 2013

March 26th, 2013


  • PS-5137 - selectionListUI.js: change attr .attr('checked') or .attr("checked") to prop
  • PS-5135 - Manage Users: When changes are saved, Enabled becomes unchecked; checking and saving does not work to enable the user
  • PS-5134 - Saving config values does not trim white-space from the keys
  • PS-5133 - Changes to products are not updating in product pages after the cache timeout.
  • PS-5116 - The search advice panel appears when you load the page in Chrome instead of being display: none.
  • PS-5101 - Since the Codemirror update, there is now a 404 error in admin

New Feature

  • PS-5121 - Make it possible to log into sysadmin with a nonsense subdomain on the main qadomain


  • PS-5109 - Specify a canonical URL when serving files that have a fingerprinted URL
  • PS-5100 - List Items: Disallow duplicate urls in the same list section

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