March 27th, 2012

March 27th, 2012


  • Fixed list item deletion
  • Fixed logging out of the partner portal gives an error
  • Fixed Default Search not searching "content" field
  • Fixed data fields with capitalized field names return no data (null)
  • Fixed checking "inherit from parent" displays all list items when page is set to show form by default
  • Fixed issue where some changes to users could not be saved
  • Fixed issue with reusing site names when copying sites
  • Fixed issue where sections could get changed to rewrite from /
  • Fixed some controls disappearing sometimes
  • Fixed all known issues with creating or copying a site
  • Fixed issue with partially created site if copying a site fails
  • Fixed error when creating new site and problems with deleting thereafter
  • Fixed does not work when using the rewrite from URL option
  • Fixed crash when creating a new site with the same database name

New Feature

  • Increased the RedirectSectionTo column width in SectionVersions
  • Increased size of the RedirectSectionTo field in Sections table in database


  • Improved deployment scripts to make server updates faster and more reliable
  • New sites can now have same name as deleted sites

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