November 6th, 2012

November 6th, 2012


  • PS-5051 - Pages containing a randomly sorted list feed are prerendered: true.
  • PS-5050 - Changing a "lost" password is successful but results in a blank screen with error in HTML source when Pixelsilk attempts to send email
  • PS-5047 - Failed login attempts should be logged
  • PS-5043 - Specific URL tab redirect does not work
  • PS-5014 - Null Reference Exception on Authorize.NET Payment Form
  • PS-5011 - Convert URL to lowercase isn't redirecting casing variations to lowercase
  • PS-5001 - Everyone role is not applied to authenticated users (at least for add items permission)
  • PS-5000 - Form validation incorrectly fails: fields are declared to be required when they are in fact not
  • PS-4972 - Section URL setting quirks with lowercase/uppercase URLs
  • PS-4267 - Partner Portal Database "Exclusive access could not be obtained" error while copying a site

New Feature

  • PS-4966 - Add pagination to the Pixelsilk search plugin's ajax call.

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