November 9th, 2010

November 9th, 2010 The most noticable two changes:
  • HTML page types, webbox controls, and user registration page types only use the content skin. So for those that is the only skin you will see when editing the skins. All other page types and controls continue to show all skins.
  • We added tooltips to the Manage Pages area. We will eventually add them to all areas, and they're not perfect yet, but this is a first step. We welcome any feedback.
A complete list of issues we addressed:
  • Only show Content Skin on HTML and user registration page types, and webbox controls
  • Token rendering plugin content getting deleted when saving
  • Add tooltips to Manage Pages
  • Make Manage Pages labels line up with columns when scrollbar not present
  • After clearing skin, blank line getting saved in it and thus showing as not empty
  • Rewriting parent page's URL results in inheritance error when opening child pages's URL tab
  • Cannot set recurring events to Sunday
  • List items with date/time field show blank page when submitted
  • Submitting form does not save checkboxes changed to unchecked
  • Confirmation dialog inaccessible if on disabled screen area

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