October 16th, 2012

October 16th, 2012


  • PS-5053 - Very long list sections take longer than they should to render
  • PS-5052 - Unable to display product name in "SubSku Grid" in the StoreAddToCartDetail control
  • PS-5048 - Memcached corruption between master databases
  • PS-5045 - New list items appear when logged in but not when logged out.
  • PS-5042 - In a list feed control, if you leave the options tab before the "List section to display" dropdown populates you get an error
  • PS-5041 - When you edit a Sort in a ListFeed control the Data Field field reverts to the first one in the list
  • PS-5025 - Attempting to log in to /sysadmin does not redirect to /default.aspx on some sites resulting in an apparent failed attempt.
  • PS-5023 - Adding and editing default account updates the site user with the wrong hash or salt.
  • PS-4984 - Modifying DefaultAccounts table fails
  • PS-4944 - Default account creation fails if any sites have an invalid connection string
  • PS-4586 - Combine Files Control Cache Response Option does not work.

New Feature

  • PS-4806 - Need 2 additional Events to hook into when loading plugin: UserRegistered and UserLogin

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