October 2nd, 2012

October 2nd, 2012


  • PS-5024 - Partner Portal: Item skins for portal page type do not render
  • PS-5019 - Non-Administrator Role: All Themes permissions are not enough for editing themes, since the code is checking for the old "allow-scripts" permission.
  • PS-5017 - Working in Chrome (incognito mode) on a Mac returns 500 errors when saving CSS files
  • PS-4998 - When you edit a filter in a list feed the Data Field field reverts to the first one in the list
  • PS-4997 - ListFeed List Section Assignment Disappears for No Apparent Reason
  • PS-4938 - Some of the tokens are not working
  • PS-4808 - ImageWebbox Controls Not Working Properly.
  • PS-4253 - Clone of another site disappears from the portal when the primary domain is changed
  • PS-3675 - Dropdown field problems

New Feature

  • PS-5013 - Need way to add Canonical link tags to Store API pages

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