September 21st, 2010

September 21st, 2010 The following issues were addressed:
  • If an item was deleted while on its page, a 404 error would occur
  • "Allow Scripts" permission not added to adminstrator accounts for new sites
  • Saving a control without opening the "Available To" tab removed the Availability settiings
  • Login sometimes redirecting to random page from another site
  • When editing a control in the Partner Portal, a "Control name not valid error" could appear
  • Partner Portal: Available To "All" and "Any new group or site" settings not always working with new groups and sites nor copied sites
  • Putting a filter in the URL would cause it to ignore the sort for a list section
  • A list section field named EmailAddress would not display properly
  • Deleting a series of list section items would incorrectly delete only the item selected
  • ListFeed filtering would not save under certain conditions
  • Text areas in admin had an incorrect height
  • Partner Portal default accounts, system images, and media not sorted alphabetically
  • Query string lost when redirecting to a URL
  • Start times on recurring dates would take the meridian of the end time when editing the series
  • More token sense fixes: flashing box, javascript errors, performance improvements

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