September 28th, 2010

September 28th, 2010 The following issues were addressed:
  • Content Editor
    • Deleting file or media item still adds item to content editor
    • Renaming image adds image to content editor
  • Events
    • Some recurring events dialogs don't have borders
    • Deleting a recurring event series only deletes the current event
  • Admin
    • Prevent deleting a page type if pages use it and list those pages
    • Disallow rewriting URL to existing URL
    • Delete spaces at end of URL to prevent error when saving page information
    • Promote to group icon doesn't show up for default accounts
    • Labels for checkboxes on Manage Pages sometimes appear on left or middle
    • Add icons to Type dropdown in Add New Page
    • URLs with spaces do not work in "Redirect these URLs here" field on URL tab
    • When moving a page in Chrome, pages highlight blue
    • Promote to group should say correct group name
    • Switch tabs in Admin upon clicking down with mouse to improve speed
    • Multi-site Publish dialog: Long checkbox text wrapping into same line as next checkbox text
  • Partner Portal
    • Disallow duplicate group names at the peer level in Partner Portal
    • Page Types are displayed in subgroups even if they haven't been made available to them
  • Misc
    • API: getListItems call with "Ascending" sort returns results in Descending order
    • Add OAuth Plugin

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